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    Calculation the last business day with exclude from Saturdays and Sundays

    Lea Zimmer

      Hello together,


      I am planning to show the profit from the last business day.


      My first step was to exclude Saturdays and Sundays as possible dates for the cancellation dates.


      DATEPART('weekday',[Datbuch]) <> 1 AND DATEPART('weekday',[Datbuch]) <> 7


      DATEPART('weekday',[Datstorno]) <> 1 AND DATEPART('weekday',[Datstorno]) <> 7


      In the next step I want to include this integration into my calculation as well as starting with the last business day instead of the present day.


      ZN(IF [DATEPART('weekday',[Datbuch]) <> 1 AND DATEPART('weekday',[Datbuch]) <> 7]

      AND [ART]="D"

      THEN [Nw1Gesnettoprofit]



      Thank you