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    Tabjolt and URL :Refresh

    David Tanner

      Hi All,

      I've been experimenting with TabJolt and wanted to look further into slow database responses and their impacts.

      I setup a very simple postgreSQL query as a db connection on the server

      select pg_sleep(30) , CURRENT_TIMESTAMP;

      dropped it into a quick viz and put it on the server with a live connection

      if I use the url with refresh (https://tableautabjolt/#/site/Analytics/views/PostGreSQLDeleyTest/30Seconds?:refresh   ) it works pefectly, i have a boring wait and then the results and i can repeat and will always have the same boring wait and fresh result.


      When I put the details into the Vizpool.csv for tabjolt and run most of the results came back in around 1500ms,,cleary using the cache.  the first results did take the full time.





      basic Go test command

      go --t=testplans\ViewVizLoadTest.jmx --d=60 --c=5 --r=delaytest


      Am i doing something wrong? how can i make tabjolt always refresh?



      Cheers in advance