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    Show Day/Week/Month view where axis changes automatically

    dan alexandru

      Hi there,


      I've been struggling getting this right.


      I've created a 'Select View' parameter which allows me to change a chart from Day/Week/Month and it works great. My only problem is that I cannot change x-axis to dynamically reference the month. It works fine to set week for Day/Week view. I'm also using this in conjunction with a Date (relative range) filter where I can select 'last 13 weeks' and so on. I've seen few other ideas online with this one being the closest one but I don't want to use parameters (where I need to manually state number of days/weeks/months to go back and fiscal year but just week starting on Sunday and month starting on the 1st.

      Tableau Tips: How to show customized monthly, weekly and daily views dynamically in your dashboards | MaassMedia | E-Mar…


      Let me know if I should expand on this. Appreciate any insights!