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    Allowing users to select or input values for forecasting


      Hi Guys,


      I need your suggestions on how users can select or input values on tableau for forecasting numbers.

      The attached workbook has different multiples and user needs the ability to use any multiple to calculate projections.


      So for e.g.  currently for Canada the projections are calculated based of weekend 1 multiple  * amount.

      The user request is to have the ability to select any multiple for calculating projections. Let me know if there is a way to do this calculations.


      Thanks for your help,











      TerritoryAmountWeekend 1
      Canada $                       15,0004.5
      United States $                     250,0002.4
      Australia $                     350,0002.952.983.202.923.05
      New Zealand $                     500,0002.953.124.202.682.79
      South Africa $                     400,0003.94.282.603.843.47
      United Kingdom $                     200,0002.62.713.802.452.58
      Israel $                     100,0003.24.205.702.973.13
      Italy $                     390,00022.212.302.022.03