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    Side by side display of data from two sources, how to display non matching rows?

    Manik Chopra



      I'm trying to build a tableau report to show data from two different sources. I'm able to display rows of data where the data matched (for the column used in relationship of data sources). However, unable to show the rows where the data does not match from two sources. The goal is to show for a non match row - show data for source1 and show blank/null row for source2 and vice versa.


      The final report will have both matched rows (side by side) as well non matched (showing blank or NULL) for non matched data. I tried to provide example below. Appreciate any help in this regard!!





      Source 1 column ASource 1 Column BBlankSource 2 column ASource 2 column B
      Data identifier11Data identifier11
      Data identifier22Data identifier22
      Data identifier33
      Data identifier44