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    Direct Messaging

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi All,


      I wanted to let everyone know that we now have direct messaging in the Tableau Community! You will now see that if you are following someone in the Tableau Community and they are following you, when you scroll over their name, the option to send a message will appear.



      Use this whenever you'd like to have a private discussion with someone, but don't have their email or if you simply don't want to open your email





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          Alexander Mou

          Great feature!


          On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 10:39 AM, tracyrodgers <tableaucommunity@tableau.com

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            Jeff Strauss

            I think this will come in quite handy when there's a lot of vague requirements and there needs to be a bunch of back and forth chatter without cluttering up the forum thread.

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              Toby Erkson

              +1 on what Jeffrey stated.


              Everyone, please make sure not to take advantage of this feature for your own questions and thus circumventing the process of the forums.  Most questions belong in a posting within a thread/topic so please don't expect anyone to personally answer your questions outside of the forum process simply because you have [what YOU think is] "urgent" business.  Every one of us who answer questions in these forums do not get paid -- except for Tableau employees, of course -- and the volunteers here out-number Tableau employees by a lot!  Unless you are willing to pay us for you supposed "urgent" question we are not obliged to answer your questions -- and my educated guess would be that holds true for Tableau employees.

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                Toby Erkson

                When you create a DM (Direct Message) be sure to give it a subject/title line:


                This way you can quickly distinguish your conversations


                and, when you click on the subject line, you will be taken to a larger editing screen:

                From here you can continue the conversation, delete entries (click the black circle with the white X in it just to the right of the time stamp of your messages), and perform other actions as given in the right side of the screen under "Actions" (change subject, add people to the conversation, and delete the entire message Shawn Wallwork )


                When done you can go back to your Inbox by clicking on the <Back to Inbox link under the "Tableau Support Communities" header.

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                  Toby Erkson


                  Is it possible to use a custom News Stream as a To: list so it's easier/faster to message a group of people instead of having to add them individually?  Having a distribution list would be a "nice to have" feature.


                  No.  But here's a work-around...




                  Go to your Profile page and then More >> Connections


                  Next, click on the + Create Label button under the Following section

                  Select a color

                  ( I chose blue) then click in the New Label text box and type in a name for your custom Following list/group

                  Then click the Save button


                  You'll now see a blank box next to the Following indication box


                  Click it and you'll see a list of your custom Following groups to choose from:



                  Select the one(s) you want



                  Now, to the right of the person's avatar, will be the Following label color.  Here we can see that Diego is part of my Tableau Community group and Jeffrey is part of my Tableau Ambassaorz group:



                  Now, go somewhere where you can get to the Send Message pop-up


                  Click the Search button


                  And select one of your Following groups


                  The list of folks in your custom list will appear


                  and from here you can select the individuals you want for a group message


                  In this case, I removed Allan but I can see that my message won't be sent to either person because they are not following me (no love I tellz ya! )



                  Here's a message with two people from my Tableau Ambassadorz list: