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    Multiple selections for independent lines on same graph

    Marla Parker

      The blue and orange lines on the right side of this dashboard (Sheet 6) can be controlled independently.  (Also attached.) This is perfect, except that I need to be able to pick more than one continent at a time, and still have the blue and orange lines behave independently. 


      For the more complex real world problem that I'm trying to solve, see the dashboard called CbyQ-Display in this much larger report.  The blue and orange lines are supposed to operate independently, but I'm pretty sure that is not possible the way it is currently implemented with filters.

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          Esther Aller

          Hi Marla,


          One possible solution for creating a line graph where each line is affected by separate filters is to duplicate the data source and then pull one measure from each data source. Filters made from the same fields in the separate data sources will only affect the measure from that data source as long as the data sources are only linked on the x-axis value, in this case [Order Date].


          I have attached an example workbook where two [Sales] lines are filtered by separate [Region] filters. Directions for the view are also in the workbook.


          I hope this answers your question!