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    Dashboard Action Filter Between Sheets

    Marc Levy

      I am trying to establish a dashboard action filter between two different dashboards in the same workbook.


      On the first dashboard (see below), I have four different metrics - Marketing, Operations, Customers and Distribution.   I would like to establish a filtering action where clicking on "Operations" takes me to the detailed scores for "Operations".   These are overall averages for each business unit (i.e. marketing has four measures/scores, operations seven measures/scores, customers five measures/scores, and distribution eight measures/scores).


      1st Dashboard




      2nd Dashboard


      This second dashboard has a dynamic filter which shows the detailed scores for one of the four business units mentioned above (depending on the filter called "Business Units").   So if I click on "Distribution" in dashboard 1, I'd like it to go to the detailed scores for "Distribution" in dashboard 2 (below).


      Note that the data source for dashboard 2 is a duplicate copy of the original data source, I pivoted the data for the four business units of marketing, operations, customers and distribution to turn it into one dimension variable so I could filter by business unit.   The variables for average (from dashboard 1) appear with an exclamation point in this duplicate data source because of the pivot. 


      I've read that I need a linking field.  How would I create a linking field if the data has been pivoted in the second data source?   Right now, when I try to use the dashboard action filter, I can click on one of the bars in Dashboard 1 above, and it takes me to dashboard 2 but does not filter to the detail I want.  It stays on the default business unit view and does not change.  Any assistance would be appreciated.




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          Shinichiro Murakami

          If you can share your packaged workbook (***.twbx) , it would be very helpful for community to support you.




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            Amanjot Klair

            Hi Marc,


            You are correct that you need a linking field. Linking field can be any dimension column which would be same in both the data sources. The reason why a linking field is needed is because when you are passing a variable from one data source to another Tableau requires a relation in between both these data sources. Tableau's data sources can be related to each other only with one to many relationship. This is be best i can tell without looking at the workbook. Like Shin mentioned if you want best from the community you should share the packaged workbook as well. In case you are concerned of the confidential data in your workbook then here is a video which shows how to remove confidential information from the workbook before sharing it with somebody.


            Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing



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              Marc Levy

              Attached is the packaged workbook.  I would like to establish a dashboard filter action where if I click on a blue bar in the scorecard tab (e.g. "Operations"), it takes me to the Dashboard 5 page and automatically shows the detailed scores for all Operations metrics.


              As another example, if I click on the Programs blue bar in the scorecard tab, I'd like the filter action to go to the Dashboard 5 page and automatically show just the "Programs" detailed scores.


                Right now, the second page (Dashboard 5) does not change based on the bar I blue bar I click on in the Scorecard tab.

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                Amanjot Klair

                Hi Marc,


                I have looked into your attached workbook. The first dashboard you are refering to comprises of measures, each bar in that dashboard is a measure not a brekaup of a single measure by a dimension. Using action filters only values related to dimensions can be passed not the measures. The action filter will not carry measure name along and apply a filter in the other dashboard on the measure name. Your best guess is using scaffold data by data blending and changing your measures into one single measure with values distributed using a dimension. The other options are making changes at the source data set itself which i think will be a little tedious task. Scaffold data uses data blending to pivot or unpivot the data. Data Scaffolding in Tableau Try this link it should explain you about Scaffold. Let me know how it goes.