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    Independent dashboard action filters for one line, not both

    Marla Parker

      This answer to a related problem from over a year ago is very helpful (thank you Mark Holtz), but the second solution, "get the total aggregate across all other dimensions," does not seem to work independently.




      With the Bars and Line Using a Parameter worksheet, the line graph, which is the totals average, does not change when the parameter switches from one continent value to another.  Perfect.


      That independence is what I need, except I unfortunately would like to select more than one Continent value at a time, and parameters are single value.


      The second solution, Dashboard Action, as a filter, lets you select more than one continent at a time.  However, the black line is no longer the average across all continents.  It is just the same data as the bar chart.  The independence is gone, and I cannot figure out how to get it back.


      Is it possible?


      The solution from the other discussion reattached here for your convenience. I am using Tableau 9, but the attached is saved with something older.


      2nd update: Moved the update to a new discussion, since the original question on this wan was answered perfectly, and the actual question is much simpler than this ramble appears.  Multiple selections for independent lines on same graph


      Update: The first reply is a perfect solution for the problem I described above, and I will mark it as such, but I am guilty of asking an over simplified question.   A better example of what I'm trying to do is the blue and orange lines on the right side of this dashboard (Sheet 6). Except I'd like to be able to pick more than one continent at a time, and still have the lines behave independently.  Note that neither line is an overall average, like the black line on Sheet 5.  That was my oversimplification mistake.


      For the real world problem that I'm trying to solve, see the dashboard called CbyQ-Display in this much larger report.  The blue and orange lines are supposed to operate independently, but I'm pretty sure that is not possible the way it is currently implemented with filters.