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    Calculating LOS

    Luis Amadeo

      Hello all, I am seeking to create a calculated field for the number of days a patient is present in our hospital each month. It begins by looking at the admission and discharge dates for the patient and "assigning" days to each month. 


      For example, if a patient is admitted on 9/28/15 and discharged on 11/5/15, then they were present for 3 days in September, 31 days in October and 5 days in November.  We would them sum up the number of days across all patients to give us the total bed days for the month.  We would then segment patients into different categories to look at bed day detail.  For example, we may look at the percentage of bed days taken up by patients of a specific diagnosis or legal status. 


      I am providing an excel workbook and Tableau.txbx file with some sample data.  The calculated # of bed days was done manually to illustrate what we are looking to re-create in Tableau, using the admission and discharge dates.


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      Luis Amadeo