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    Binning by decile (for beginners!)

    Josh Craig

      I understand that binning by deciles is a not a straightforward thing to do in Tableau. I've read Richard Leeke's post about creating quantiles using table calculations (Table Calculation: Quantile (version 2) ) but as a beginner in Tableau it's WAY over my head.


      I'm hoping if I describe my problem someone can translate his post into language I can understand (or otherwise provide me with another relatively simple solution).


      I have data with student test scores. All I want to is rank the scores and then divide them into ten groups each representing a decile. The only way I can figure out to do it is to separately calculate the values for each decile then divide them up manually using the approach described here: Creating Variable Sized Bins | Tableau Software .


      Something like this:


      [score] <= X1 THEN "Decile 1"


      [score] <= X2 THEN "Decile 2"



      where X1 is a hardcoded value for the 10th percentile value of all scores, X2, is a hardcoded value for the 20th percentile value of all scores, etc.


      My intention is to create a bar chart with one bar chart for each decile showing the proportion of all males that fall in each decile of test scores.


      Is there a better way to do this? Any help greatly appreciated!!