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    URL Hyperlink action - blurry pictures

    Marc de Courcel

      Hi everyone,

      I use an URL hyperlink action to import pictures from my AWS server into my dashboard. It works very well for pictures that are taken as landscape format but I have issues for the pictures that were taken as portrait. These pictures get all blurry, looks like the same picture is repeated several times (see picture). I looked for previous posts dealing with this matter but I could only find one that seem relevant Re: Need Help with Resizing Web Page Image in Dasbhoard  . I don't really understand how this work  (am using a mac so I don't have tableau server) and i am not sure that this is actually what I need ...

      Has anyone faced the same issue !? I'd be super grateful for any help !
      Thanks a lot in advance,



      Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 23.30.26.png