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    building a histogram with multiple series

    Micah Freedman

      I have some data that represents the time spent in each of 4 steps in a process, represented as four columns of numbers. I'm trying to create a simple stacked histogram by binning each step. I.e. have tablaeu take my raw data, generate data like the table below and plot it as a stacked column chart. I'm imagining it would create an intermediate table like:


      Bin# of Rows in Bin for Step 1# of Rows in Bin for Step 2# of Rows in Bin for Step 3# of Rows in Bin for Step 4


      When I do a single plot of bin(someStep) vs. Number of Records, it works beautifully. But when I try to add a second step it tries to plot each bin against all the others. I just want the histograms for each step to stack on top of each other. How can I accomplish that?