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    Conditional Filter

    Abhishek Bhalotia



      I have a dashboard in tableau with 5 sheets, there are 3 filters X,Y,Z assigned to the dashboard.


      Business logic that i want is that the end customer should only be able to see the data in the dashboard when he/she put some values in EITHER of the THREE filters OR in the COMBINATION of TWO filters


      How can i achieve this


      Please help, it's urgent




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          Jaideep Rokade



          Please find attached workbook,


          I have created a parameter and applied a filter.

          The report will show blank unless and until you enter any value.

          eg. Select category is showing blank. when you type Furniture it will show the report.


          In second report I used filter.

          It will show all the values by default but if you enter any segment the report will filter as per selection

          Eg Consumer + Corporate


          Hope this will give you some idea to get it done.


          Also If this is not as per your requirement give me some additional information like sample data, screen shots.