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    Live Database connection

    Karan Ganesh

      If we are using live database connection and the records in the underlying tables gets updated. Will the newly updated records get captured in Tableau desktop without the manual process of Right Click and Refresh. Please suggest.

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          Adam Crahen

          If you have the workbook open, it will refresh when you manually tell it to refresh.  Otherwise, the next time you open the workbook, it will pull in the current values.

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            Luke Beacon

            It will refresh in these circumstances:

            • You click the refresh button
            • You reopen the Tableau Desktop workbook
            • If the dashboard is on Tableau server, it will refresh whenever you reopen the dashboard (i.e. start a new 'session' on the dashboard)


            Unfortunately it doesn't continually stream data in, as that would be very resource intensive.


            Speaking of resources, if you are using a SQL connection such as SQL Server, it will keep a SQL connection open while using a Live Connection data source. If you are not using the 'Read Uncommitted Data' option, this may lock up other people from making queries. It also might put strain on your servers, depending on how large or small your databases are and how kick-*** your servers are.