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    Comparing Calculated Fields from 2 different Worksheets?

    Robert Hom

      Hi and thanks for helping a brother out!

      I have a worksheet "A" that has 1 dimension (with about 20 rows) and a measure that is a calculated field. There are 4 user defined filters (name, region, year and product). I copied that worksheet to make worksheet "B". My objective is to allow users to set their own combination of filters for worksheet A and B and see a comparison across the 20 different rows of the dimension. I know I could just post the A and B in a dashboard so that users could toggle the filters and see A and B side by side but that seems pretty lame. I would prefer to highlight/show the biggest differences for the 2 different user defined combinations of filters. Should I create a worksheet C and add a new calculated field? What would the syntax/formula for that calculated field look like? Is there some other way to get this done?

      Thanks again