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    MAT, YTD, RQTR, QTD Market Share Calculation

    Meenakshi C

      Hi All


      I have monthly product sales data for each geography.

      I would like to show a trend graph of the Market Share for each product that updates to show Month/Rolling QTR/YTD/MAT/QTD based on the selection ( Parameter).

      Please find attached a sample data for your reference. P1, P2 and P3 are the products that comprise the market.


      Appreciate your help with this!




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          Dan Sanchez

          Hello Meenakshi!


          There are a lot of different routes we can go when tackling sales analysis over time.  Do you have any additional detailed information on the requirements for your project?  Providing us with the specifics, such as the exact values you are expecting to see, or the exact structure you need the viz to be in, will help quite a bit when we're attempting to assist in building out the visualizations


          I'm not entirely sure what you mean by Market Share.  Are you going for a Percent of Total?  One option would be to make something like the following where I added a quick table calculation (Percent of Total) and computed the calc using Table Down.  This gives us the percentage values for each member in the Prod dimension for each date.


          1-29-2016 6-40-08 AM.png



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            Meenakshi C

            Thank you!

            I'm a bit too late in replying to you


            Your method really helped.

            What I also tried to do was to use the date functions and Fixed functions to get this as calculated fields itself. This way I could avoid the Table calculations and also use these calculated fields for more calculations.