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    Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau

    Diego medrano

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      Join us February 11th at 8am PST for our next Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau

      What is Jump Plot? Jump Plot helps analysts quickly identify outliers in repeated event sequences. It is built to scale to high volume series executions. Learn more at www.jumpplot.com.

      Tom VanBuskirk and Chris DeMartini will take you through the concept and thinking behind the Jump Plot and how Tableau assisted with the origination of the graph. They will discuss when and where use of this novel graph can benefit analysis of your own workflows and sequences. Chris will then take you through a detailed walk through of data preparation steps and development of the Jump Plot, including a few variations and possible alternatives in Tableau.

      The session will close with a dashboard demonstration highlighting how variations of Jump Plot can bring value to your own day to day analysis of event sequence workflows.


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      The video can be viewed in full screen here:

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