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    Extract from Excel File Constantly Refreshing

    Eugene Kim

      I'm creating a dashboard from a multi-sheet Excel file where each sheet is a source. I'm constantly updating the Excel spreadsheet with new data and data points, so I created a Tableau Extract to shield myself from the changes until I was ready. However, every time I go to the data source, it's still constantly refreshing. I've attached the notices I get. This is triggered simply by working on a worksheet and then selecting the Data Source tab and not doing anything else; the notices automatically pop up. I've attached a screenshot of my extract status as well, which I manually refreshed 15 minutes ago.  Any ideas? I'm on the latest version, 9.2.1, on Windows.


      Edit: Note that this loading process still seems to be loading from the extract, not the Excel file, as the actual data does not change, nor the extract date. Not sure why reading directly from the extract would take so long.


      Screenshot 2016-01-19 16.36.13.png


      Screenshot 2016-01-19 16.36.25.png


      Screenshot 2016-01-19 16.36.35.png