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    Display symbol accordingly by swapping the values in parameter

    lalitha p

      Hello everyone,


        I have a requirement. I am replacing that with sample superstore. Here it is.,


      I should have a report with subcategory sales and Profit % . If i click on Sales report shud display sub category and sales. If i choose Profit% then subcatg and profit% shud display alogn with the value next to bar. So, for that I have a parameter with 2 values Sales, Profit % and created a calc field and placed that in label also for displaying value next to my bar.

      As far it is coming fine. But hre it is my concern.

      Now if i click on sales then i need to need to get the value display with 'K ' nd if click on profit i need to display with '% '.

      i,e if sales value is 56 then it shud display 56k and profit % is 33 then it shud cme as 33% lke this.

      If i change this in format , for both it is talking only one symbol either K or % symbol.


      Can anyone please help me out here...



      Lalitha P