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    Using column value in calculated field as smaller or equal condition to sum

    Wim De Ridder



      I am building a management dashboard which is basically a table of calculations for the months in a given year. I have trouble showing a certain type of running totals. I will explain by example...


      The data set is:

           CreationYM     LoanAmount     LoanClosedYM

           201501            10,000              201503

           201502            15,000              201504

           201503            10,000              NULL

           201504            12,000              NULL


      What I would need to show is the following:

                                    201501     201502     201503    201504

           Loans               10,000      15,000       10,000     12,000

           Open Loans     10,000      25,000       25,000     22,000


      The Loans is the sum of LoanAmount in the CreationYM.

      The Open Loans are the sum of the loans amount where their CreationYM is smaller or equal to the CreationYM column and having their closed date later than the CreationYM column or NULL.


      I am looking for a calculated field to show the Open Loans by CreationYM.


      Has anyone a solution available? Thanks in advance for the help. I searched the Internet but did not found a solution...