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    Filter SQL data from a list of element on spreadsheet

    Hugo Suarez

      Hi all

      Please, appreciate a bit of support from the community. I have a set of data coming from SQL with 2 millions record approx. I only need to work on a small set of this records so I am trying to set a filter on the dataset.


      Issue I have is that filtered table contains multiple values and by applying Data Blending have a return of * on data with multiple values (I need to see this multiple values). So by doing the Data Blending on swapping the primary and secondary datasource I am reporting all the list.. try to fix by filtering those on the list but query takes forever and crash the system ..


      Could you please guys help me on how is the best way to do that on Tableau



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          Rachael Otto

          Hey Hugo,


          So it seems like you know this already, but * are displayed whenever there isn't a one to one relationship between data when using data blending. For example, if you have item ID 345 in the primary data source, but that item has multiple IDs in the secondary data source, they cannot all be displayed in the same cell, so an * will appear.


          The easiest fix for this is to edit the relationships that the data source is blending on to the lowest level of granularity. Editing the relationships can be achieved by going to Data > Edit Relationships... in the top menu toolbar. See http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/online/windows/en-us/help.htm#multipleconnections_relationships.html


          If this doesn't work, you might try sharing the packaged workbook so that we can see a bit better exactly how the data is structured. Also, try searching the Support section of tableau.com using the exact text for whatever error message you're receiving before the system quits. Many common error messages are well documented and the article associated with it will likely have some good suggestions.


          Hope that helps!