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    Drill down feature for filled map. State > County

    Forrest Gray

      Hey People!


      Let me preface this question with stating that I am a complete novice when it comes to Tableau. I have logged maybe 20 hours in the program so if this question is dumb, be gentle.


      In the attached workbook, I am trying to develop an interactive map that allows users to select a single county within 3 states (TN, GA, AR), and in turn zoom in on that county to display any data that I deem appropriate, e.g., revenue, membership, expenses, etc (not yet included in data). I believe what I am looking for is a "drill down map."


      Also, you will see that currently I have this view broken out separately in my dashboard. The top pane (used as the dashboard filter) displays the 3 data bearing states, includes county, and "PBP" or Planned Benefit Package within each county as represented by a pie chart. The pie charts were the only visually appealing way I could get those PBPs represented in their respective county, this would also be an area I could improve on). The bottom left pane zooms in on the county - only when a PBP (pie chart section) is selected from a county, not when just the county is selected.


      What I want is to be able to select the county and it zoom in and display all of the relevant data for that county. It seems that this is only possible through the manipulation of "actions" for which I have no experience. I've searched high and low all day for a solution and have come up empty. Hoping one of you Jedi Knights can be of assistance. Thank you in advance.