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    Tableau - Export to excel issue- downloading CSV instead of Xls


      Hello All,


      We have a strange issue that we are unable to export to cross tab in the dashboard format.

      We have a data set like below


      organization Country Branches


      X                   USA         BSA1

      X                   USA        BSA2

      X                   USA         BSA3

      Y                   UK           BUK1

      Y                   UK          BUK2

      Z                   Germany BAM1




      We are displaying this data like below


      Org   Country Branches

      X       USA     BSA1 BSA2 BSA3

      Y       UK       BUK1 BUK2 BUK3

      Z       Ger      BAM1



      It is displaying fine in the dashboard. But when we export it to excel Branches show in different rows just like the first data set. Kindly help me to resolve this issue and any help will be highly appreciated.