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    Tabcmd export all data in a grid to pdf

    John Victor

      A user has a dashboard they want exported to pdf using tabcmd. But the data grid scrolls, and the export only has the visible data.


      I think this is proper functionality as the pdf is just a static 'screenshot' of the dashboard. Unless someone knows a way to export the entire grid from the dashboard.


      The alternative I'm trying is to export the underlying worksheet to pdf. This does generate an output with all the data. The user is fine with this, but is wondering if there is a way to put headers (title, breadcrumbs, etc) on the output. I tried adding something dynamic to the worksheet's caption, and moving the caption above the grid. While the caption did export, it was at the bottom of the report.


      Anyone know if it's possible to have the caption, or other type of customer header, at the top of the pdf? Thanks.