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    Data with two Geo-Coordinates

    Andrew Pandolfino

      I have data for network elements that have both a lat/long for where they should be installed and a lat/long for where the device reports it is located at. I have created a measure of distance to filter out ones that are >X from where they are supposed to be. What I would like to do next is be able to draw a line between the two on a map to visualize where it is and where it is supposed to be. Data is similar to:


      ID          * Latitude Polled          * Longitude Polled          * Latitude Design          * Longitude Design          * Distance


      1          * 37.3446                    * -85.3401                         * 37.3507                      *  -85.3412                      * 3,827


      I can't wrap my head around how I would separate the two points so that I can make each a step on path.