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    python extract API - windows says it can't find mfc120u.dll

    Bryan Rubink

      I'm new to the extract API - and python for that matter, and have just been trying to get it to work with the samples but have been running into issues getting python to load the modules


      At first I was just getting an error saying that the tableausdk.Extract module was not a valid win32 application.  I switched around between the 64 and 32 bit Python API / and the 64 and 32 bit Python 2.7 builds to try to resolve that issue (as discussed here: dataextract module does not load), and have run into a new Windows DLL error .  I never did get the invalid win32 application error to go away either.


      Screenshot of the error window is attached.


      It's probably worth noting i'm trying to run this on a VM running Windows Server 2008.  I've tried everything from reinstalling the SDK, to reinstalling Python, to trying to some of the other fixes I found via google related to Microsoft Visual Studio redistributables.  No Dice.


      Any ideas?