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    How to hide title? Not so easy...


      Hi guys,

      Currently we are struggling with topic how to hide title which shows information about chosen quick filters values.

      To details:

      We have a lot of quick filters, and requirement is to show chosen values below the last visualization BUT, our friend would like also to have parameter/filter which will have two values:, hide and show, to either show all values selected, or remove it from dashboard so once they want to make screenshot, the "footer" it's available or not - depends on wish

      The idea was simple in concept but then we realized it's not possible/easy to hide title from worksheet using quick filter or parameter


      Any ideas?


      Example attached

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          David Mannering

          I think this will work:


          Create your parameter with the values On/Off (or whatever) then create this calculation:


          if [Parameter] = 'On' then 'Country: '+ <Country> +' Category: ' + <Category> + 'Region: '+ <Region>

          elseif [Parameter] = 'Off' then ''



          Put the calculation in the Tooltip box to make it available to the caption (or title) then use the calculation in the caption.  When the parameter is set to Off the filter value display will disappear.

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            Hi David,


            thank you but your approach does not work for me. I attached my example workbook with idea you mentioned. Maybe I did something wrong but it did not help.


            Any other comments?

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              Jim Wahl

              Part of the problem is that you're taking advantage of how Tableau handles multiple members of a dimension in a Title.


              For example your title has multiple values for Category and Region



              Tableau concatenates the members in the title. If you tried to add the same fields to the label shelf, you'd get multiple marks for each combination of country, category and region.


              My solution to this is to keep the title as you've got it. But optionally hide it by expanding the graph on top.


              You can do this by using a floating horizontal layout container that covers the bottom title. Move the graph to this container. Also create a show/hide worksheet and add this to the bottom of the container.

              When you want to show the title, you'll enable this show/hide worksheet, which will push up the chart and show the title.



              1) Create a new parameter hide title. When true, the title is hidden.


              2a) Create a calculated field Hide Title if True



              2b) Create a Show Title worksheet. This needs a discrete (blue) pill on the Rows/Columns shelf for the hiding to work. I just added MIN(1.0) to the Rows shelf. I also added this to the Text button and then deleted the text so that this section was blank. You'll also want to remove the borders on this sheet.




              3) Add a floating vertical container to the dashboard (click the Vertical layout button and shift-drag it to the dashboard).

              Add the chart to this vertrical container. Also add the Show Title worksheet to the bottom.


              You will also want to add blank object where the chart used to be so that the filters / right pane are sized correctly.


              Re-size the container so that it fills the space and covers the bottom title.


              4) Tweak

              You may need to adjust the size of the Show Title worksheet. Do this on the worksheet itself. The chart worksheets in the Vertical container should be set to Fit > Entire View. The Show Title worksheet should be set to Fit > Normal.

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                Hi Jim,


                Thank you very much for you time and sharing knowledge.

                Your approach works very well but only when you don't have a complicated dashboard. Once it has 4 worksheets, 7 quick filters, maintenance it's really hard.

                Maybe we should post an idea to add this kind of option in next releases?


                I marked this as answered but if anyone else has any other idea, please feel free to share

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                  Jim Wahl

                  Here's another option that's a bit cleaner.


                  Use an annotation. Annotations have the same behavior as the title --- you don't need the dimensions in the view in order to use them in the annotation.




                  See the attached. Here are the basic steps.


                  I duplicated your Title worksheet and called it Title 2.


                  In Title 2, add the MIN(1.0) as a discrete pill to both the Rows shelf and Label button. Again, this is necessary to hide the worksheet.


                  Now you can right-click in the middle of the now blank worksheet and select Annotate > Mark...  Inside this annotation you can copy-paste your title. Right-click > Format to remove the border, line and line end from the annotation. Also format the worksheet to remove the Rows and Column dividers / borders.


                  Finally, add the Hide Title calculated field to the filter shelf.


                  After adding this sheet to the dashboard, right-click the dashboard and deselect Show Title.


                  You'll also want to disable the tooltip for this title worksheet. And I'd probably put an empty text box over the top to prevent people from clicking on it.

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                    Hi Jim,

                    once again you showed you experience and knowledge.

                    Thank you very much, I was fighting with this problem for last 5 days.

                    You helped me a lot !