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    How to Find Top N longest Running Jobs  Name?

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear All,


      Could you please help me in solving the below mentioned issue. I searched almost every thread in the Forum but none of the question has any similarity with my requirement.

      Please throw some light on this .

      Note : I am using Tableau Version 8.3


      Requirement : How To find the Top N Longest Running Jobs name in the Specified Time Period . Time Period should contain Hours,Days,Weeks,Months,Years.?

      I am having no idea how should I proceed in Tableau.

      In addition to that, Also I need to find Top N jobs  with most incidents/Tickets created.


      Attaching the sample Data for your reference.


      I also followed the below approach but I dont know how to use the below concept with the current requirement.

      Run Charts With Tableau


      Rody ZakovichSimon Runc Shawn Wallwork Jonathan Drummey SMMC