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    Multiple backup files


      Hi all, good evening.   I have a unique situation and am trying to find if anybody has already encountered this type of requirement. Please read below, and post your valuable suggestions.


      I have two Tab Server environments 8.1 and 8.2 and am planing to move the content from both these servers to a v9.1 server as part of an upgrade plan.

      I have taken site exports from 8.1 and 8.2 and tried importing into v 9.1 server, but have encountered errors and the tabadmin importsite command exited ungracefully. (the target 9.2 server has the same users and sites before importing the content form 8.1, and since this happened I havent tried importing sites form v8.2).


      Alternatively I have taken a content backup form v8.1 and imported into v9.2 without any issue, but I am expecting problems if I import backup file from v8.2 into v9.1. Should I try this ?


      In short, I have two backup files (one from v8.1 and the other from v8.2) with different content, and I need to merge the content (import) into v9.1 server.


      Please advice.