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    Tableau and Lotus Notes,no query execution

    bruno troiano

      I'm trying to see whats happens when I connect Tableau and my data bases on Lotus notes.

      Ok Lotus notes is not a relational DB, is just a lot of forms... but lets try.

      I had create my ODBC using Notes SQL, the correct drive, everything ok.

      Open tableau, and created a new datasource, using my ODBC, this is fine.

      Looking for tables? Ok, all my views from Lotus Notes are there. Select a view, yes, see all the columns.

      Let's see data?? No way. There is nothing that I do thats change the only answer I have. "[Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes]Table reference has to be a table name or an outer join escape clause in a FROM clause"

      I make the same thing at ms excell, all data is there, create a query is ok, everything works fine there, but nothing at Tableau.

      Tableau's query:

      SELECT "TESTE"."dte_Data" AS "dte_Data" FROM "TESTE" LIMIT 10000

      My query


      Any help??