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    Special Measures Parameter

    Ramin Melikov

      I have lots of measures and I need to create a parameter that will select measures based on their type. For example, 1 record can have multiple measures for Patient Care Tech, Nurses, and Nurses and Patient Care Techs combined. These measures are variances between recommended, budgets, and actual hours, FTE's and others.


      So, what I need to do is have a parameter on a dashboard with 3 options: RN, PCT, Direct Care (RN + PCT) and when the user picks one of them, I want all of the visuals be based on the measure user selected.


      In the past, I have created something similar with dates (dimension). I first created 3 dimensions: "Last 13 Months," "MTD," and "YTD." Then, I created a string parameter, called "List of Periods," with list options "Last 13 Months," "MTD," and "YTD." And finally, I created a dimension to put on a filter shelf with the following code:


      CASE [List of Periods]


      WHEN "Last 13 Months" THEN [Last 13 Months]

      WHEN "Last 30 Days" THEN [Last 30 Days]






      So, when a user selects one of the options, everything on a dashboard is based on the selected time period.


      I would like to accomplish something similar to this.