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    Aggregating data

    Raman Sharma

      Hi Guys,

      I have a requirement where I have to calculate the training hours the calculation is

      (No of employee with completed training hours) / (total employee with training target) x 100

      Training hour target is 35 hours

      To calculate the No of staff with completed training hours I am using the calculation as


      but when I display this measure it shows only 1 but when I add department in the visual it show the 1 against the employee who has achieved
      the training hours target

      Can you please suggest how I can achieved this in tableau

      All I need is total employee for the department and total
      employee who has completed training hours

      Below is the sample data



      DepartmentCourse StartCourse FinishTotal Hours
      1Dept 19/02/201510/02/20155
      1Dept 117/11/201519/11/201524
      2Dept 19/02/201510/02/20155
      3Dept 19/02/201510/02/20155
      3Dept 126/03/201527/03/201514
      3Dept 115/10/201515/10/20152
      3Dept 129/10/201529/10/20157
      3Dept 15/11/20155/11/20151.5
      3Dept 117/11/201519/11/201521
      4Dept 19/02/201510/02/20155
      4Dept 118/03/201520/03/201514
      4Dept 122/04/201524/04/201518
      5Dept 19/02/201510/02/20155
      6Dept 19/02/201510/02/20155
      7Dept 19/02/201510/02/20155
      8Dept 112/10/201515/10/201519.1