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    Can't find the web data connector logs

    Chloé MARTET

      Hello !


      I've developped a web data connector. It works fine in the simulator but not in Tableau.

      I would like to see the console.log and Tableau.log I put in my code to debug it, so I watched the following: Debugging Tips & Tricks - YouTube.


      This video is great. Unfortunatelly, I can't find the logs in my computer. There is no log files in the folder "C:\Users\<me>\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs".

      Is there some settings to modify in Tableau to enable these logs ?


      Thanks in advance !

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          Martin Seifert

          Hey Chloe!


          The console.log can be accessed in your browser. In chrome (I like chrome for the easy access log!) the shortcut is CRTL + SHIFT + J, in Firefow I'd recommend to use the Firebug extension.


          The Tableau logs should be in this folder. Did you ever change the language of you Tableau Desktop? This might confuse a few things and you might have a second Tableau repository in you Dosuments folder. Try using the search funcion of your system and find "log.txt" somewhere on your harddrive


          Also, just as a hint (because I recently had a similar issue: running connector in the simulator, but not in Tableau), have a look here after you found your logs: https://community.tableau.com/thread/195843


          Best, Martin