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    Sum values of top N%

    jake long

      Hi, so im having trouble creating a sort of concentration index


      Currently i am trying to identify the top 8 customers and sum their profit value.
      After, i want to use this summed value of the top 8 and divide it by the total amount of profit of all the customers.

      I've managed to identify the top 8 customers using SET however unable to calculate their total, against the total of all customers

      currently my formula is: SUM([Profit])/TOTAL(SUM([Profit]))
      Which Produces:





      Using the basic superstore Data sheet.
      Using TOTAL(SUM(PROFIT))
      Tableau only draws the total of the top 8 and the rest seperately,
      therefore im unable to properly divide and create a proper index.


      All help is really appreciated, and thank you in advance!!