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    Participate in Tableau User Research!

    Amanda Pype

      Our development team is conducting a series of in-depth sessions with Tableau users to learn how they prepare data for analysis, and we'd love to meet with you!  We're looking for people who:


      • Are involved in preparing data for analysis (cleaning, reshaping, joining, etc.)
      • Are willing to teach a researcher about their workflow in real time (as if they were an apprentice)
      • Will let us hang out with them in their workspace (at your desk or in a meeting room)
      • Can find time in the next 6 weeks


      If selected, 1-2 people from our team would come to your workplace for a 90 min session. Participation gives you the ability to provide input to the design of new features that will improve your workflow. Plus, you'll get an awesome DATA hoodie!


      Are you (or someone you know) interested in participating in a project like this?  Please contact me at apype@tableau.com and I'll set up a quick call to discuss the project with you.