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    Tableau Server + SharePoint 2013 + AD authentication




      We have SharePoint 2013 on-prem, I've installed the TableauEmbeddedView web part, and have added it to a Web Part on a page.  The authentication via MS SSPI is not working, and thus I receive a blank white page where the web part should render.  If I log into my Tableau Server in another tab and then refresh the SharePoint page, the view renders properly.


      Oddly, when I go directly to my Tableau Server I receive the following message:

      "Tableau Server could not authenticate you automatically.

      Sign in using your Tableau Server credentials."

      But if I enter my AD credentials (unscoped username) I authenticate against AD fine.


      Note: I have 'Enable automatic logon' checked on my Tableau Server.


      Any help is appreciated!