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      • 90. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
        Shawn Wallwork

        Does the new Jive have the option to include a paperclip icon (for file attached) on original posts on the Forum/Overview tab? If so, please turn these on. Thanks.


        Having it on each reply as well would be a bonus.



        • 91. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
          Shawn Wallwork

          Why does Like, Actions, etc. move around and change order?




          Do they need to? Can they be in the same place, in the same order in all spaces? And of course do they really need to be light grey? And can the REPLY be orange in both places?


          I asks because quickly scanning the forums and answering questions is much easier if the interface is standardized.


          Thanks for considering this.





          • 92. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Shawn,


            Thank you for both of these. I'll see what we can do - if not in the immediate future, we'll look into getting it soon.



            • 93. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
              Shawn Wallwork

              Thanks Tracy! Please let me know when you get the changes made. Appreciate it.





              • 94. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback

                Wouldn't it be nice to know from the 'browse all unaswered questions' to have an indicator like we have in the crow's nest graphic to show if there is an attachment? And if there is what kind of an attachment? Somewhere in the box maybe?


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                  Dana Withers

                  I love the new look! I like my customised page (though I keep forgetting how to get to it haha) It is still taking a bit of getting used to, but this is really nice!


                  Is there a way to search for people?


                  Also Tracey, I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you change your name from Fitzgerald to Rodgers? If so, how did you manage to do this correctly in the Tableau community?

                  I changed my name a few years ago, but now I’m still stuck in the community with @dana.dejonge.0 as the tag to link to me, even though I correctly have Dana Withers as display name and login. People are unable to find me this way, so instead they post on old posts that I should go look at new posts – which is a bit of a hassle for both them and me and keeps adding non-sense to old posts.

                  I would really like to be Dana Withers everywhere However at the time that was not possible without losing all my progress, content and connections on the forum.

                  Can the new community stuff handle name changes better or help me with this?


                  Also, is there a way to filter the list of posts in the community by how many replies there are? I quite enjoy having a look at those posts that have 0 replies so far, but it tends to be a little hard to find sometimes.



                  • 96. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                    Toby Erkson


                    All will be answered within the hallowed pages of this Community Canvas


                    Updating your name:

                    How Do I Change My Job Title and/or Email Address in My Profile?


                    Why Tracy changed her name:

                    ...And I now present to you, Mr. & Mrs. ???


                    Not sure I understand why you want to filter based upon the number of replies...?  Within a forum you can do some simple filtering using the drop-down options at the top of the thread listings:

                    • 97. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                      Dana Withers

                      Hi Toby,


                      Thanks for your reply!

                      I followed the link on updating the name. It actually has my correct name and email address in it. However if I type "@tracyr" I can find a link to Tracy... but if you type "@danaw" you'd never find me I'm still with a username of dana.dejonge.0 Who is going to guess that that is me? It might be that this went wrong because my name change originally went horribly wrong and I lost everything on the forum, but if there is a way to fix it in this new forum that would be awesome - I'd finally be really me


                      As for the reason I want to filter on the number of replies of a post... I often just like to have a look at the questions that everyone has overlooked rather than be a voice in the crowd of many. For one, because I feel bad if there are no answers, and for another reason... they might just be the more "out there" and less obvious questions - which makes them all the more interesting to have a stab at (plus better practice for some of the stuff I get asked). This is not a vital question, but just one purely to make that bit of fun more easy to access...



                      • 98. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                        Toby Erkson


                        Any where in the forums, if you click on the Tableau Support Communities title

                        you will be taken to the Welcome page of the forums site.  Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the Unanswered Questions section

                        Click on the "Browse All Unanswered Questions -->" link and you'll be taken to the Crow's Nest, where all unanswered questions can be found   This was specifically created to help find such orphans and any help to reduce these numbers would be great (thank you)!

                        • 99. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                          Tracy Rodgers

                          Dana Withers - I can make the change for you! I'll email you offline.

                          • 100. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                            Tracy Rodgers

                            Translation is back! Sorry for the delay on that one, but we're back in business.

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