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    Parameters -- Filtered % of Total

    Brian Purcell

      I'm trying to create a viz that shows a sum for a particular category with Customer name on the row axis.  The label would then show what quantity of that customer's total that category made up.


      So Tom's Blue would show 4 blue orders, and have a label of 12.5% (the amount of blue items vs all of Tom's orders), I would also like this sorted in descending order by total orders of that color


      I tried a parameter because I thought the quick filter wouldn't allow me to keep the total sum of the orders, but now I cannot figure out how to create a calculated field with that parameter set.



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          Norbert Maijoor



          Please attach as twbx-file and I will atempt to assist.

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            Elliott Stam

            Hi Brian,


            If you are wanting to have two variables in your view at the same time where one shows the total quantity and the other shows the quantity based on your parameter selection, here is how you can make that work.


            Let's say I make a parameter called "Category Selection". This parameter holds values that exactly match my category list.


            I could now make a calculated field called "Filtered Quantity". Inside this calculated field I would write:


            IF [Category] = [Category Selection] THEN [Quantity] END


            This variable will only store values for the category I have selected in the parameter list. Also, I am only filtering this particular variable while NOT filtering my overall quantity from my original "Quantity" variable.


            You can now create a combo/dual axis view where both your "Quantity" and "Filtered Quantity" variables are represented on your axis. When you select values from your parameter list, the "Filtered Quantity" value will reflect that particular selection and your "Quantity" value will remain untouched.


            Best of luck!



            Elliott Stam


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              Brian Purcell

              Thanks for the help -- it worked perfectly


              I'll post the twbx next time -- thanks!