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    Toggling items in your Inbox as Read or Unread

    Toby Erkson

      Toggling Read/Unread items in your Inbox

      If you click on an item in your Inbox you see a preview of the recent content.  It's easy to distinguish new entries as they are near the top of the Inbox listing, are in bold text, and the Read/Unread Indicator that is to the left of the author's avatar will be a bigger, blue ball.  When you click on any item in your Inbox it will automatically be marked as Read -- no bold text, Read/Unread Indicator will become small and grey.  Now, suppose you want to return to the particular thread later on when you have some time but, with so many items coming in to your Inbox, you don’t want to forget the exact item?  Easy:  Toggle the Read/Unread Indicator (Read Indicator for short)!

      For example, below is a reply from Kuhu Dubey I have not read – the text is bold and the dot to the left of their avatar is big and blue.  I click on the row to view the content:


      We see that the content has been marked as Read because the text is no longer bold and the Read Indicator is small and grey:


      After reading the response I decide that I want to respond back but I don’t have time right now AND I don’t want to forget about it (nor lose where it’s located) so…

      Move your mouse to the Read Indicator and click on it:


      The content is now marked as unread (bold text, big blue Read Indicator):