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    how can i build this forecast viz

    tommy durant

      i have the number of times service performed and i have the amount charged for the past year by month.


      I also have the direct cost, the indirect cost, and the overhead cost for the past year.


      I watn to illustrate at how many services performed that the direct cost was covered.  At how many services performed the indirect was covered,  and at how many servies the overhead cost was covered.


      i can show the direct and indirect cost by adding reference lines.  The issue is the product is losing money and it never covers the over head cost. i need to build out a forecast to show that the overhead would be covered at X volume.  however, since this isnt a time series , tableau doesnt let me use its forecast option to extend the line.  how can i do this?


      any good ideas to spruce up the viz would also be appreciated