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    Save workbook failed. Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.

    Sean Reynolds

      I receive this error in Tableau Desktop 9.1.0 and 9.1.2. I consolidated some of the workarounds suggested in a related post which is three years old and marked as answered. There are a number of solutions proposed here that work in some cases:


      Save workbook failed. An unexpected error occurred saving the packaged workbook.


      1. Save in a different location with a different name (Neil Sequeira)
      2. I found the Temp file that was giving an issue and deleted the same. I was able to save the workbook after that. Looks like Temp file overwrite was not happening for some reason. Path was: C:\Users\<user id>\AppData\Local\Temp\TableauTemp  (VIJAY NAGAPPA)
      3. I don't know if this will help, but I've run into this error when I copy in a sheet that uses the same name as a previous sheet that existed on a dashboard. To solve it, I've had to hide the new sheet that is now on a dashboard and the save file works. (Ben Young)
      4. Unfortunately, 9.1.2 hasn't solved this issue completely - it's still happens about 50% of the time for me. In order to save the files I had to (Jonathon Stewart):
        • Extract packaged workbook (each .twbx file a compressed folder)
        • Edit unpackaged workbook XML (each .twb is an XML file)
        • Resave as packaged workbook


      None of these solutions have worked for me. I have found that highlighting each dashboard and worksheet then copying into a new workbook solves the issue some of the time, however, this is a painful workaround and involves some re-work.


      Has anyone experienced this issue and found a better workaround or identified the cause?