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    How to change default option when using map as quick filter

    Soti Coker


      I have two work sheets in a dashboard:

      Worksheet A is a world map and I use the countries on it as a quick filter for the other worksheet B.

      Worksheet B is a bar chart that has 5 columns each representing a diff years worth of data.


      When put together as a dashboard and I click on a specific country, the bar chart changes to show the data for the relevant country.

      The problem is that when I click on no country or the middle of the ocean etc, Tableau tries to show 5 columns for every country in the list which looks horrible.  Is there a way I could have a default country that Tableau would use as the filter if 'no country ' were selected ?

      Any other suggestions to solve this problem would also be appreciated.

      I've attached the workbook for illustration.

      Many Thanks