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    Sum of distinct column combinations without duplication

    Kapil Gadhire

      Hi All,


      I have the following table:

      Tableau Doubt.PNG

      in which I have mapped a specific 'Planned_Value' for a particular combination of columns.

      For Example :

      Planned_Value for combination of : Consumer and Hyper Market and North 2 and Kids and Q2 1516 and Toys is 9.

      [This particular combination is marked in red font color]


      There are distinct combinations in my table, and each of the combination has a value assigned to it.

      I need to sum all the distinct values for the combinations. [The combinations are coming only from the columns highlighted in green color.]

      There are other columns as well in the table, which should not be considered.


      To put it in nutshell, I want to sum the values associated with all distinct combinations(fixed multiple columns)


      I have been trying to resolve this since last 2 days, but am not getting any solution for it! Hoping for a positive and quick response *Fingers crossed*


      Thanks in advance.