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    html Menu Page

    Sidi Peter


      Building a html menu page accessing Viz(s) using the standard javascript calling up workbook/url link.

      When an item on the menu is clicked a viz is called using the code below javascript code below and the html click code:


      My question is how to call a viz in different workbook/url in the menu.

      It seems that:

      • all the vizs need to be one workbook


      • each menu item needs javascript file to call a viz


      Is there better way of changing/inserting the URL value similar to the switchView?


      Thanks in advance for your help.






      html click:

        <a  style="text-align:left"; class="hover"; onClick="switchView('DB: YoY Case Ct by Service')">Year over Year Utilization</a>



      javascript code:

      var viz, workbook, activeSheet ;

      // Initialize the javascript controls for Tableau

      window.onload=function() {

          var vizDiv = document.getElementById('viz');                 

          var vizURL =  'https://tableau.mskcc.org/t/ClinicalSystemsDecisionSupport/views/PerioperativePortalM6_0/ORSummaryPage';

          var options = {

              width:  '1280px',

              height: '1024px',

              hideToolbar: true,

              hideTabs: true,

              onFirstInteractive: function() {




          viz = new tableauSoftware.Viz(vizDiv,vizURL, options);


      // Change the displayed view in the workbook

      function switchView(sheetName)


          workbook = viz.getWorkbook();