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    TabJolt JMX Connector Errors

    James Balk

      When running TabJolt I am getting the following errors with the JMX connector.  See screen shot below.


      TabJolt JMX Connection Error.JPG

      I have both Tableau Server and TabJolt on different VMs in Azure.  Each VM is in a different location (Data Center) and they are not on the same network.


      I have enabled external access to the Tableau Server database and the JMX Ports on Tableau Server. Also, I have opened the following ports 8900, 9400, 9401, 10000, 10001 both in Azure and on the Tableau Server VM.


      Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be?

      Does TabJolt need to be in the same network as Tableau Server?

      Are there other ports that need to be opened?


      If you need any additional information just let me know.




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          Joe Cline

          I'm getting the same error. I'm able to get the Winperf counters and a test to run, but not with JMX.


          JMX has been enabled on the Tableau server (gateway). There is no firewall between the TabJolt server (gateway) and the Tableau server. The Tableau architecture is gateway + 1 worker on locally hosted VMs.


          The AD login I use is a server admin on the Tableau server, but not a local admin on the box itself. I can't find anything definitive that it needs to be.


          I also cannot connect with JConsole, so I don't know what that means. Does my login need to be a Windows local admin on Tableau server? Any other ideas?

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            kaifeng zeng

            Did you follow the instruction below when trying to use Jconsole to connect?


            Once you have enabled JMX counters on your Tableau server, set the dataretriever.config file to start collecting the counter information. A quick test to check if the JMX counters are set properly is done using JConsole, a free java tool. In JConsole, connect to this URL: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://<hostname>:<portnumber>/jmxrmi


            An easy wat to get the host name and port number information for each Tableau server component is by going to the server status page: http://<tableau server url>/#/server/status

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              Joe Cline

              Yes, the JMX counters were uncommented and the host name was entered in the host section of the dataretriever.config file. I've tried JConsole, but get "connection failed" on both secure and insecure attempts.


              I've also gone to the http://<tableau server url>/#/server/status, but you need to be a Tableau server admin to access. Once my AD login (i.e. TabJolt login) was promoted to Tableau server admin, I connected and saw the host name of the services, but nowhere did I find the port numbers. I used the port numbers in the dataretriever.config file to test JConsole, e.g. 9400.


              Next step is to get my AD login (same one used by TabJolt) to be promoted to local admin group on the Windows server the Tableau server is installed on. I don't know if that needs to happens, but it's the only thing left that I haven't tried (that I know of). Any other suggestions that I might try assuming that isn't the problem?

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                Joe Cline

                OK - I've tried Jconsole from my TabJolt server using the IP:port from the http://<tableau server url>/#/server/status, but still can't connect.



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                  kaifeng zeng

                  did you enable JMX counter on Tableau Server. Try using Jconsole on the worker machine.

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                    Joe Cline

                    Yes to both. I've gone through the instruction several times to make sure I didn't miss anything. I've also scoured any forum post related to TabJolt incase there was something I needed to do that was undocumented.


                    My current theory is that either the base ports used by Tableau on the worker are not the default (thereby affecting the JMX port numbers) or the default JMX ports are being used and JMX was assigned the next available. This being due to the fact that the service port remapping is enabled by default.


                    I'll update with results.



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                      kaifeng zeng

                      You should check the server status page and see what is the port number for vizql process and etc. it is in the instruction guide.