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    Calculate Difference between Running-Sums

    Paul McHale

      Hi All,


      Hope everyone is doing well.  I am trying to calculate the difference between two running_sum table calcs. My running_sums are open and close dates.  The purpose of this calc is to determine how many data points are open at any given point in time.


      This type of question has been well documented.FAQ:  Open & Close Dates   I am trying a different approach here.  If I know how many open dates and how many closed dates have past, I can subtract those two numbers and get the count of how many are still open.  I realize that his limits the information that will be available for each data point, but I just need the number in order the plot the trend over time.

      Running Difference.PNG

      Does anyone have any thoughts on how to solve this?


      I appreciate any input.