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    Calc field with multiple conditions counted separately

    James Peart

      Hi all,


      I'm basically looking at the users' progress through a purchase journey to see drop out points.

      The stages each user completes are stored as an array in the database


      The journey is

      A -> B - > C-> D -> E -> F              (each letter represents a stage where A is the start and F is completed purchase)


      If we take 4 users for the example

      user 1: A,B,C,D,E,F

      user 2: A,B,C,D

      user 3: A,B,C,D,E

      user 4: A,B,


      I want to count how many users complete each stage

      A=4                          (IF journey contains A)

      B=4                              (IF journey contains B)

      C=3                                  (IF journey contains C) etc.





      How would I create a single calculated field to do this?

      [I'll probably be making a funnel chart from it]


      PS if you can think of a better title for this question I'd like to change it because it's not very clear