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    Dual combination chart - how to add custom shape at top of bar? (non repeating)

    Saniya Waghray

      Hi everyone!


      So I have created a dual combination chart that shows information across different movie titles - $ values (bars) and views (line). Confidential data, can't attach, and I'm not sure what would be a comparable recreation on superstore, but hopefully it's simple enough that it makes sense sans tableau attachment.


      Basically, I want to be able to add the movie poster as an image at the top of each bar or line. Just one picture per bar/line. How would one go about doing this? I've seen some posts about creating repeating images as the filler and creating SQL code but I feel like this must be simpler!


      I'm using Tableau 9.0.6 desktop + publishing to server, and excel as my source.


      Thank you!