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    How to use pie chart as filter and retain original percents?

    Saniya Waghray

      Hi everyone,


      This may be a simple question, but I've been struggling for a while so figured I'd ask.


      Unfortunately the data I'm working with is confidential, so I'll just try to explain as best I can, since I can't attach my workbook:


      Essentially, I have one sheet that has multiple pies with the same breakdown of pie segments (for instance, let's say I was comparing 5 different stores, with each pie containing % breakdowns of apples, oranges, and bananas)


      I am trying to use that pie chart as a filter for another chart (continuing this example, let's say the 'apples' % was red - trying to highlight ALL of the red pieces of the 5 different store pies at once - so showing those different percentages - and ALSO having that same action cause a table to filter with information about those apples. I.e. the different companies this % of apples is coming from).


      Currently, when I use my pie chart as a filter, it only selected ONE piece of ONE pie chart, rather than that piece across all of the pie charts. orrr if I use a quick filter, it'll change the percent to "100%" rather than showing me my original breakdown.


      Any thoughts on a workaround?


      Thank you!

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